Pad Thai, for the first time

The beginning of sharing a spoon full of sababa with others. I’m starting this to one, learn more about working in WordPress, and two, to post about all things that I find that are sababa, or fun and fabulous. So here goes…

I recently tried Pad Thai for the first time about a month or so ago. It was pretty great. My co-worker and I, Nicole, went to this restaurant for lunch called the Thai House. We both got the lunch special which included a cup of soup, a heaping serving of pad thai and side of fried rice. This was my first encounter with Pad Thai, I always thought Thai food was full of curry, which I’m not a huge fan of so I have avoided it. But I was informed that not everything Thai is made with curry, hence my new love affair with Pad Thai.
Browing on Pinterest I saw a pin that lead to a recipe for…..Pad Thai! I was so excited! This pinner said that Pad Thai is hard to authentically replicate but that this recipe was a killer. So one day after work I purposed to try it out. I went to Sprouts, picked up all my ingredients, sadly I had left my soy sauce at work that week and had to spend $4 on a whole new bottle, but I walked out with all my needed ingredients.

First you cook the noodles, and while doing so chop up some scallions and garlic and make your sauce. Then adding some oil to a fry pan you drop in the scallion whites and a minced garlic clove. You add 2 eggs basically scrambling them, remove from the pan at which time you have drained the cooked noodles and are putting them in the pan with the sauce. After the noodles are coated in the sauce you add the eggs back on top with the scallion greens and you’re done. Voila! Pad Thai a la yourself.


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