The Vanilla Diaries


As of yesterday I have begun to make my own Vanilla extract! I followed this recipe (for one bottle for right now) and I plan on ordering more bottles and vanilla beans to make gifts for friends. And so begins the Vanilla Diaries….

I purchased a bottle of vodka, a bottle of vanilla beans and a bottle from Michael’s. Below is a photo of the supplies I used, the bottle is bigger than the original recipe so I used 1 cup of vodka. Hopefully it still turns out!







Day 1











Day 2











As you can see at the end of my month, which happened to be on December 25, my vanilla had evolved. I have kept it longer and now it is January 14 and the color has deepened to a darker amber color. When you open this jar the smell is heavenly. I can still smell the vodka, so I’ve left it to sit a while longer to see if that scent can go away. I have yet to try it, I’m not sure what to put it in that calls for vanilla that I would be able to tell vanilla was actually added. Overall this vanilla diaries project was interesting. I was able to see from week to week how the clear vodka slowly became amber and then deepened to what you see below. I think I’ll try this out again but in a different manner.

Day 31




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