A Caramel Concoction

I’ve decided to experiment with making caramels. I saw a recipe, oh about a year ago and never got around to trying it. So I finally went for it. I thought it would be more difficult to make caramels, it just sounded hard. You have to watch the candy thermometer and stir but not stir and add this at a certain point but not too soon. It wasn’t that bad. The hardest thing I think was actually wrapping all the caramels!! It took me two hours to cut and wrap each caramel. By the time I got to the end, I had about two strips left and said ‘forget it.’ I rolled it up and stuck it in a mason jar to have later as caramel sauce, salted caramel sauce.

So from start to finish it took probably 4 hours, and that includes the cutting and wrapping. Whew!

But boy are they delicious! Next caramel concoction: Salted Chocolate Caramels!


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