A Caramel Concoction part II

A little taste of part two!

20121203-132137.jpgIf you guess chocolate caramels, come on down! You’ve just one a a batch of my delicious, creamy salted and non-salted chocolate caramels! This was my second attempt at concocting caramels and I knew I wanted something chocolate, similar to the Reisen’s caramels you can find at the store. This process was a little different from the first batch of regular caramels I made in part I but nonetheless they are amazing! I had my friend Kari come over and craft with me last weekend. Turns out she stayed just long enough to grab some caramels and go leaving me to do all the wrapping! 😉 We had a ton of fun with this project. When I began wrapping all the caramels I made half wrapped with salt and half unsalted so you get the full chocolate taste without the salt. Either choice is superb.

So since I have about 20 baggies with chocolate caramels in them I am gifting them for Hanukkah to my family and friends and coworkers. They all will be getting little baggies with assorted caramels, homemade lipgloss (I’ll post about that later) and a baggie of homemade cinnamon roasted almonds, similar to the ones you buy at the Renaissance fair (post soon to follow also!)


Happy Hanukkah!