Hair ties and etsy

Last year a coworker started using these hair ties. They were stretchy elastic and colorful. She said that they were ‘the best hair ties’ and that they didn’t crease your hair. So I looked them up on etsy and they sell for more than I would have liked. I found the most reasonable price for a set of 5 and tried them out myself. Turns out, they were pretty cool but I wasn’t willing to continue paying a $1 per hair tie. I’m a little more practical than that. So I set out on a mission to find the elastic to make the hair ties myself. What do you know, I found a number of websites that were selling the elastic and at .50 cents a yard that was the deal I was looking for. I purchased about 6 yards the first round to make as holiday gifts for friends that worked out to be much more economical for me. You can see the photos below of my hair ties which will soon be sold on etsy.

IMG_3972 IMG_3980 IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3988 IMG_3991


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