Almost La Madeline’s Tomato Soup

La Madeline was a french inspired restaurant that somehow left the west coast and is now only on the east coast, at least that’s where I’ve seen it. See as how here in Phoenix this weekend we’ve had freezing temperatures, literally, I knew I wanted to make soup for dinner. I wanted a warm, homey soup that was full of flavor and warmed you to your core. I searched Pinterest for a tomato soup recipe and found one that I could try out that only took 30 minutes to make. I came across this recipe and went straight to work chopping up the onions.

Wow, was I crying non-stop chopping and dicing onion. I only used one onion instead of the two that the recipe suggests, but one was more than enough. I then went to work mincing 3 garlic cloves. I cooked the onions in my soup pot for about 15 minutes until they browned and then added in the garlic, cooking for another minute longer. Then I added in the entire box (4 cups of vegetable stock) and 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes. Since I didn’t pick up fresh basil I sprinkled in some dried basil and pepper and salt that worked out well. After allowing the soup to cook I used my new hand immersion blender (thanks mom for the wonderful Hanukkah gift!) and dang is that thing amazing! So helpful! Once blended I poured in the 1/2 cup of heavy cream.

Here is the finished product that I have to say, DELICOUS! The only thing that would have made it perfectly match La Madeline’s version would have been to add cheese.




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