Spring Time for Dessert

The first of April has come and gone, where oh where did time go? Spring has sprung but in Arizona it’s a little hotter than Spring in other parts of the country. Over the weekend I had remembered I had this old episode of Giada’s that I rewatched just to see her make this beautiful apple crostata. I have never had a crostata before, didn’t really know what a crostata was but it looked this like yummy buttery pastry with delicious baked apples inside. How could that not be as wonderful as it sounds? After watching that episode on my DVR I quickly looked it up online and found it here at food network.

I went right to work, I gathered all the required ingredients and brought out my trusty Cuisinart food processor I got for a steal on sale with Kohl’s cash back during the holiday season almost two years ago and began my crostata adventure. I started out making the dough first and wow, how good does it smell when you mix butter and sugar and flour together to form a dough?! Once that was done, wrapped and chilling out in the fridge I started coring and peeling up those beautiful apples. There’s something about being in the kitchen alone with your recipe and making it come together. While I was preparing the apple filling as the dough was chilling, ha, that rhymes, I was feeling a sense of peace and contentment just knowing that no matter what my crostata looked like it was going to turn out. Even if it didn’t, I was trying something new, a new dessert, a new recipe and that in itself was a success.

Ok, enough babbling, back to my crostata. I removed the chilled dough after an hour, filled it up with my apples and put it in the oven to back. You could not believe the sweet, enticing smell that filled my entire house. I couldn’t wait to get my crostata out of the oven! Finally after the longest 40 minutes ever, I removed it from the oven and it was gorgeous! I reluctantly let it cool for 10 minutes as Giada suggests and then went to work and cut into my perfectly beautiful apple crostata for dessert. The first bite was heavenly! You could really taste the butter in the crust and the apples were perfectly cooked and warm, so yummy!

With that said, Spring Forward if that applies to you and make time for dessert and try this wonderful apple crostata for yourself!

Apple Crostata a la Lili

Apple Crostata a la Lili


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