Training with Rex

So, it’s July and I’ve been in a dog obedience training class with my dog Rex for a little while, well, only since April. Tonight we went to class, even though it’s now getting to be disgustingly hot. We braved class and Rex did really well tonight. He’s not perfect but he’s getting better and it’s nice for the instructor to praise us for our hard work, and yes I too have to work. Dog training is as much of a people training class as it is a dog training class. He knows his place cot and his heeling is getting better, but that’s definitely something to keep working on. I try and work on it whenever we go for a run and practice a little before we go out each day.

Sometimes I feel like when I take him to class and it’s just me and him that life is pretty good. I can forget about the crappy day, or week, or month at work I’ve had and just enjoy being with him and having fun. We’ve started a tradition where we go for frozen yogurt after class, he loves fro yo! It’s so adorably cute to watch him just totally dive right in and lick all the yogurt out of the cup. We’ll see if he continues to improve, but either way fro yo ends the night.




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