A New Year, A New Chocolate Cake

Julia's Reine de Saba Chocolate Almond Cake

Julia’s Reine de Saba Chocolate Almond Cake

There’s nothing like a Jewish New Year to get you in the mood for resolutions and trying new things. Last week was the Jewish New Year and among other resolutions I committed to trying new recipes and especially the one’s that scared me just a little. I made an apple pie for Rosh Hashana dinner, that post will come later. My friend Molly was having a few people over to celebrate her new house that she and her husband just bought.

Immediately after being invited I knew I wanted to make something to bring for everyone. I originally wanted to make these quinoa chocolate drops being that they were on the healthier side but since I really wanted a challenge, and given that I had just rewatched “Julie and Julia” again I decided to tackle Julia Child’s Reine de Saba! This was perfect, it was sweet which in Jewish tradition you bring something sweet for an occasion like this, and it was a Julia recipe I had on my list of recipes to make. I wanted to bring something I made and put effort and love into.

I began with the cake, and found the recipe on Pinterest which went to the full recipe here. I followed the full recipe which was a little bit of a process but fun. While making the batter and adding the butter and the cake flour I just sort of got lost in all of it really enjoyed the whole experience. I buttered my cake pan and poured the batter in and put it in the oven to bake. When it came out I was a little surprised at how thin it was, but I let it cool and went off to do something else. Later that night I decided to make a second cake and have a two layer cake. The second cake took much less time since I already knew what I was doing and somewhere during the making of that second cake I realized, ‘Hey, this isn’t so hard, it’s actually pretty enjoyable and relaxing.”

The next day I made the frosting which turned out to be amazing, who doesn’t love chocolate and butter and Rum? Well, as you can see the final result above the cake turned out amazing and everyone loved it! This recipe is definitely a keeper and one to be made again. It was absolutely sababa!

A new year has begun. A new challenge conquered! As Julia said, “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” I will continue to learn and do and challenge myself with the recipes I make. I want each and every recipe I cook to be filled with as much love and heart as I put in to that incredible cake.

Bon Appetit!


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