C'est Moi!

C’est Moi!

I started this blog to document the trial and error of experimenting with new recipes, projects and crafts. I like to bake, cook, craft, run with my dog Rex and photograph and doing these things brings a little bit of sababa to my life. What is Sababa you ask? Sababa is the hebrew word for ‘cool’ or ‘great.’

I love Julia Child and will be attempting many of her recipes, hoping they taste as good as they look! Some recipes that are on my mental list to try out are: Boeuf Bourguignon, Reine de Saba cake, her Bruschetta even though I have made other recipes before, hollandaise sauce, poaching an egg (and no I haven’t ever poached an egg unless you count the contraption I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond that you stick in the microwave), Chocolate souffle, and Cheese Souffle to name a few. I’m ambitious.

Baking is cool, projects are cool and documenting them is also cool. Let’s see where this journey goes and hopefully we’ll find some things that are sababa along the way! And remember, Bon Appetit!


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