It’s a baby birthday shower gift! 

It’s been a while, lots has happened but this weekend I have a friends birthday party and I wanted to gift her something sweet to eat and enjoy at the end of her pregnancy. I have always wanted to make these Circus Animal Truffles and ended up making them last night. 


A Day We Will Never Forget


NYC #neverforget

I can still remember hearing on the radio as I was getting ready for school, the disbelief of what was happening…I was 17 years old, a Senior in high school and that morning is a morning I will never forget. I quickly turned on the news and there it was, a plane had flown in to a building, the World Trade Center Tower, and then as I kept watching a second plane…I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what had happened either. That day was somewhat of a blur, many teachers let us watch the news in class that day, no one could turn away. I remember in the days that followed that teams of firefighters and policeman and anyone that could help, they were organizing caravans to go out and help in whatever way they could.

As time passed and stories unfolded I can remember hearing stories of kindness, of people helping each other, waiting for help to come, and the overwhelming support for the servicemen and women and volunteers helping to clear the debris and find survivors. The tapes of final phone calls from United 93 coming out with messages to the passengers loved ones. I remember all of that, the stories of love and kindness and support. As long as we remember and continue to pass on the story of what happened and then the love that followed, we will never forget and always remember. That would be sababa.

Early Morning Runners

I picked up running again this year. I started running back in 2011 but  a few weeks in came down with runner’s knee, which is a painful inflammation in your knees that makes you stop running. I let me knees heal and would start running a little at a time and then stop running because I just wasn’t in to it or it was hot as it tends to get in the summer. But I really committed to trying running again this summer and am absolutely determined. It’s a good form of exercise, I can do it without a gym or equipment and I can take Rex with me again.

So here we are towards the end of July and I have made it to the 1.5 mile mark. It might not be considered great to triathletes or extreme runners but it’s an accomplishment for me. I’m not measuring myself by other people’s standards, I’m running for myself and only myself. I run because I feel great afterwards! I run because it lets me clear my mind of all the garbage that went on the day before or the week before. I run to feel the wind, to smell the air and to feel the ground beneath my feet. I run and I feel exhilarated and free and I’m not bound by any ridiculous rules or procedures or machines.

Running has become a part of my life, even if I can only run a mile and half at a time right now. And let’s not forget Rex, he’s a trouper and loves our early morning runs! He sees me putting on my Bikilas by Vibram and knows, he knows that I’m getting ready for a run or a walk and that he’s going with me. He’s so smart sometimes it’s crazy!

I take it one half mile at a time with my iSmoothRun app. I love that it tells me when I hit another half mile or that I should hydrate! I put in my headphones, tune out the world and with Rex by side we hit the open road in the early morning hours and it’s just the two of us.

Running feet

Running feet

Rex on the road

Rex on the road

Training with Rex

So, it’s July and I’ve been in a dog obedience training class with my dog Rex for a little while, well, only since April. Tonight we went to class, even though it’s now getting to be disgustingly hot. We braved class and Rex did really well tonight. He’s not perfect but he’s getting better and it’s nice for the instructor to praise us for our hard work, and yes I too have to work. Dog training is as much of a people training class as it is a dog training class. He knows his place cot and his heeling is getting better, but that’s definitely something to keep working on. I try and work on it whenever we go for a run and practice a little before we go out each day.

Sometimes I feel like when I take him to class and it’s just me and him that life is pretty good. I can forget about the crappy day, or week, or month at work I’ve had and just enjoy being with him and having fun. We’ve started a tradition where we go for frozen yogurt after class, he loves fro yo! It’s so adorably cute to watch him just totally dive right in and lick all the yogurt out of the cup. We’ll see if he continues to improve, but either way fro yo ends the night.



Taste New York

I was in New York a couple weeks ago on my way to Israel. I stayed with family on Long Island and we ventured in to The City! I have a weird relationship with New York City….let me explain. I love the excitement of everything and how there’s a different restaurant on every corner, the fashion and entertainment and activities are a plenty.  Just the culinary options are enough to make me love New York! But I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and for me being surrounded by buildings just doesn’t feel like home to me. It is sometimes a little unnerving to me to look up and just see buildings. I like to see the mountains and sunset. I love New York but in small doses and short amounts of time.

Once we arrived and parked the car we walked around, and this is one of the aspects of the city I do enjoy, the walking. I like that you can walk to anywhere you want. So we walked and we went to the Center for Jewish History Museum which was very cool. There’s so much Jewish history that I didn’t even know about. After the museum we did some more walking and window shopping and then it was time for lunch since we were all hungry. We saw a cute bakery, Breads Bakery near Union Square and headed in for some grub! Would Julia call it grub? Oh my goodness, as soon as you step in the door you are overwhelmed with the smell of buttery pastry goodness! It’s incredible! We had lunch, their croissants and bagels, to die for! Then oh my cousins convinced me to get a rugelach for my plane ride the next day to Israel. But first I had to try the Chocolate Babka. Hands down best chocolate babka I have ever had!

If you are in the area I highly, highly, highly suggest you go try (read: RUN DON’T WALK) to Bread’s Bakery and order every last Chocolate Babka they have. Ok, maybe not every last one, but if you have every last one think of all the people you’ll make happy by sharing your delicious chocolatey babka with that day!

Best Chocolate Babka!

Best Chocolate Babka!

On Guard, Julius

Staying healthy with On Guard Julius

Staying healthy with On Guard Julius

Feeling like everyone around me is sick or getting sick I’ve been making these yummy, protein packed smoothies int he morning with my doterra essential oils.  I’ve been using doterra essential oils for everything from tummy aches, sore muscles to helping me sleep and stay healthy for over a year now and have been feeling great! This smoothie is perfect in the morning after I come back from the gym or running.

What I love about this smoothie is that it tastes good, almost like an orange julius I used to get as a kid. I love knowing what I’m putting in to my smoothie and that it’s healthy. I love throwing in a handful of almonds, especially after a workout for the extra protein and energy. Everything in my On Guard Julius is fresh and you can even make your own Greek yogurt if you prefer, I’m not that daring. Throw all the ingredients in to your blender and blend until smooth. I feel great when I drink this smoothie and it gives me energy to start my morning. Feel free to add in any protein powder if you so choose as well.

OnGuard Julius

1/2 cup of ice
handful of almonds
1/2 cups pineapple juice, fresh
1 whole ripe banana
1/2 cup plain yogurt, Greek preferred
1 cup fresh diced pineapple
1 freshly peeled orange (optional)
3 drops doterra wild orange essential oil
3 drops doterra on guard essential oil
3 drops doterra slim and sassy essential oil (optional)

Blend until smooth!

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