Banana Cream Pie……almost…

Well, this blog is about my trial and error experiences with trying out new recipes and here is one that definitely was a flop. I really wanted a to make a pie. I typed it in to my Pinterest search bar and started pinning pies, not too many just enough to give me an idea of a few different types of pies, cream pies, fruit pies, special crusted pies etc. I found an old-fashioned banana cream pie using a pre-made crust, which is fine, I was really focused on the banana cream part anyway.

So the process was fun, I scalded the milk. Which by the way I have never done. What is scalding the milk anyway?? I googled ‘how to scald milk’ which told me I needed to heat the milk over low to medium heat so as not to heat it too quickly but bring it to a hot temperature. Ok so I scalded my whole milk, added it to the pot with the sugar, flour and salt and heated that as well. I had lightly beaten my yolks and tempered them before adding those in to my hot pot of liquid ingredients. While that went on I had baked my frozen crust and let it cool. I sliced one banana and layered it on the bottom of my crust. I was also boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk to make caramel sauce but knew that was going to take longer than the whole pie.

After letting the liquid cool with everything mixed in I poured it into the crust. I have extra filling so I filled three small cups for pudding. I put them all in the fridge to set overnight and they looked beautiful!

So here I am this morning going to have some pie as an early Monday morning breakfast snack with my protein shake, don’t judge, and as I cut myself a piece of pie, it’s not really set and pours over the crust and my plate as a big mess of runny yumminess….

This was definitely not a sababa experience, I have yet to figure out why my pie was not actually a pie….

I enjoyed making it however which is always 95% of the fun of a new recipe. I love just putting away the trials of the day, the stress, the blah and just escaping in a recipe, in something new. I can leave myself behind and just create something with as few or as many ingredients as necessary. I will figure out a banana cream pie and it will be delicious and set! Below are the pretty photos that fooled me in to thinking I had actually created a pie. However, as Julia said:

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”
Julia Child, My Life in France





Pancakes in 2 Ingredients – Boom!

Two ingredient pancakes for breakfast.

Two ingredient pancakes for breakfast.

I was having a girlfriend over for breakfast about a month ago and she’s trying to be gluten free. I came across this blog through another post on Facebook and thought it was pretty cool! She made pancakes, and they were gluten free, and they only had TWO ingredients! Say what? Yes, just two ingredients and you can make pancakes too! You combine 2 eggs and one banana and BOOM! Pancakes.

I was blown away and didn’t think that these could possibly taste all that great. But we decided to give it a try. I mashed up a ripened banana fairly well and then added in the eggs and beat those in with a fork as well. It turned in to this little bowl of batter and I was surprised. My friend and I both looked at each other and said, “That looks like as good as it’s going to get for gluten free batter.” I poured it in to the pan after I had heated up some coconut oil and before my eyes the batter turned in to pancakes! I made the first few batches plain, then added some plan low fat yogurt and blueberries to the last batches.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! I served the vanilla chia seed pudding with raspberries, a baked peach and mimosas with the gluten free pancakes for breakfast and the meal was delicious. This was an easy, healthy, gluten free, protein packed pancake that really tasted good. I have to say that adding the yogurt really helped to add to the fluffiness and thickness of the pancakes but they were still more like crepes. I think with one batch we were able to make almost a dozen pancakes which was fine between the two of us. This recipe and entire meal was definitely sababa!

2 regular pancakes

2 regular pancakes

2 blueberry pancakes

2 blueberry pancakes

Head to your kitchen and get cooking!

Bon Appétit!